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  • Excavator Pre-Start Checklist

    This excavator pre-start checklist was designed to be used prior to daily excavator operation. This checklist is has two categories of checks – visual and operational to cover all aspects of the excavator. To meet our client’s needs, faults found on the equipment trigger supervisor involvement. Designed for daily use, this checklist works in tandem [...]

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  • Take Five Safety System

    The Deputy regional chief of the Tasmanian Fire Service engaged us to develop their custom Take Five safe system. Their system was completed as a pocket sized PVC Cover, notebooks and information cards. We designed and printed A3 posters to help promote the system throughout the service. More Take 5 books…

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  • JSO / Hazard ID

    We developed this JSO (Job safety observation) and Hazard ID package with the safety superintendent of a mid-sized international mining company. This dual functioning document is comprised of two notebooks (one for the job safety observation and one for the hazard identification form) that are contained in a durable PVC cover. The rear of the [...]

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  • Take five safety book

    The CEO of the WLALC, approached us to develop this Take Five safety book for the organisation. This book includes DRABCD prompts, hierarchy of control information and a risk assessment matrix. The form is printed onto duplicate NCR (carbon type) paper and numbered for internal record keeping. Take five safety books – stay committed to [...]

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  • Job safety analysis worksheet

    This job safety analysis worksheet (JSA) was developed for an Australia mining company to break down jobs into easily understood steps. Hazards can then be identified in each step with the risk being assessed pre and post controls. We print this form in two spot colours onto both sides of a heavy than usual bond [...]

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  • Take 5 form and hazard checklist

    We worked with the Safety and Health Superintendent at Phu Bia Mining (The Lao operation of Pan Aust Mining), to create this Take 5 safety system. A PVC cover was created to accommodate a Take 5 form / Hazard checklist and blank notebook. On the rear of each cover we printed the risk assessment matrix [...]

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  • Daily excavator pre-start checklist

    We designed this excavator pre-start checklist to be used prior to daily operation of an excavator. This checklist is divided into two parts; the visual walk-around check and the equipment operational check. To meet our client’s requirements, certain outcomes from the checklist trigger supervisor involvement. This form is designed for daily use and does not [...]

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  • Hazard report card

    This hazard report card (front and back) was developed for an oil and gas supply company as a way of encouraging the reporting and assessment of hazards. The cards are printed onto heavy weight paper and supplied individually to staff. This document works in tandem with their risk assessment matrix which is readily available to [...]

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  • Light vehicle pre start checklist

    Clear and easy-to-use, this light vehicle pre start checklist was created to record the results of daily light vehicle inspections at BHP Billiton Iron Ore’s Western Australian operations. The checklist was designed to be accurate at recording faults on the vehicles, while at the same time being clear and unobtrusive to the driver. These specific [...]

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